Project Grand Slam
Pomona, NY

Ramapo Commons
Spring Valley, NY

The Ramapo Local Development Corporation is spearheading an innovative initiative to construct a new affordable work-force housing development on an 8-acre site on Elm Street in the Village of Spring Valley.  There is a dire need to construct quality residential units in the Town of Ramapo that will enable families with limited income to achieve the dream of home ownership.  The project, which is known as Ramapo Commons, is going to benefit families who otherwise might not be able to afford to purchase a home in Ramapo.

Presently, there are four buildings (a total of 48 condominium units) being constructed as part of Phase 1 of the 3-phase plan.  When the project is completed, there will be a total of 132 affordable housing units in 11 buildings.

In an effort to promote smart growth and green development, and to maintain a significant amount of open space throughout the Town of Ramapo, approximately 40% of the Ramapo Commons site will remain undeveloped green space.  The site will include state-of-the-art recreational areas for children and will have extensive landscaping.

Project Grand Slam is an exciting plan to build a new baseball facility in the Town of Ramapo that would be a boon to the local economy.  The new 3,500 fixed seat stadium, which would provide for a wonderful opportunity for affordable and fun entertainment for families, will house an independent team in the Can-Am league.  It will be a state-of-the-art recreational facility for professional, college, and high-school baseball games, concerts, charity events, coaching clinics, and other special events.  In addition, the new Ramapo ballpark will stimulate economic growth, generate revenue, and create new jobs.  The stadium is scheduled to open in June 2011.

The Ramapo Local Development Corporation is working together with a group of investors who not only are prepared to invest money into this project, but time, energy, and expertise as well.  The RLDC began an innovative public-private partnership with these investors who would comprise the team ownership, including John Flaherty, a former member of the New York Yankees and a broadcaster for the YES Network, and Steve Mulvey, whose family owned the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers for more than half a century.  In addition, the investment group includes several individuals who have successfully served as executives and management for several Major League Baseball teams.

The ownership group has a proven track record of success, and is fully committed to making this a successful venture that will not only rival other independent teams throughout the greater tri-state area, but surpass them on every front.

Over the course of the next twenty years, it is anticipated that the ownership will end up investing more than $80 million into the local economy.  That is a virtually unprecedented infusion of local dollars that will stream into the Town of Ramapo and Rockland County.

The RLDC worked diligently with the team ownership to ensure that the Town of Ramapo would receive more than its fair share, including revenue from the naming rights to the stadium, revenue from concessions, revenue from ticket sales, revenue from parking fees, revenue from base rent, and revenue from merchandise sales.  The Town of Ramapo will get a great economic boost from this new ballpark, to the tune of more than $1.4 million each and every year.